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Began: 10/20/18 at 10:00 AM CDT
Location: google pin icon 2877 Hwy 52E, Bethpage, TN 37022

-American Derringer Corp-Waco, TN M-1 .45 Colt/.410  New in the box  SN 062541

-Anderson Model AM15 AR15  556-223cal w/24″ bull barrel, bi-pod, 6-24×50 scope, illuminated 30 round clip and case, SN 16269163

-Baretta A390 Silver Mallard 12ga w/3″ chamber and 24″ and 26″ barrels  SN U33990E

-Brazil made 20ga w/28″ barrel, single shot Model SB SN 888779

-British Enfield 303, 1917 no magazine  SN G2241

-Browning Acier Special 12ga w/24″ barrel Made in Belgium  SN 77071 

-Browning Auto 5 Light 20ga w/2 3/4″ chamber, 27″ barrel, rounded knob pistol grip, mfg 1960  SN 0Z35285

-Browning Auto 5 16ga w/2 3/4″ chamber, 27″ barrel, rounded knob pistol grip, mfg 1954  Original owner’s manual SN R3852

-CJ Hamilton and Son 22cal S & L, #47, brass barrel insert in a steel sleeve outer barrel, Patent October 30, 1900-August 9, 1910 by CJ Hamilton & Son–Plymouth, Michigan USA

-Charter Arms Pathfinder .22LR w/2″ barrel, 6 shot in original box SN 14-24839

-Charter Arms Pathfinder .22LR w/4,2″ barrel 6 shot  Like new in the box  SN 17-07021

-Cobra Model C22M Black Derringer .22mag w/2″ barrel  SN 028737

-Colt AR-15 Model SP1 223cal in original shipping box, 20 & 2 (30) round magazines, 3x Sporter scope, stripper spoon loader  SN SP23982

-Colt 1911 .45 Government model w/5″ barrel, 2 mags  (New in the Box)  SN 2936215

-Colt 839 41cal w/swing-out cylinder (has some holster wear) SN 73943

-CZ Model CZ712 automatic 12ga w/20″ barrel, crack in stock  SN 08A3143

-CZ USA Mallard Hulgu 12ga w/28″ barrels, 3″ chamber, 5 chokes  SN 09A9662

-Daisy MFG Model 8 .22LR single-shot  SN 6024854

-Doublestar Corp. AR-15 223/556cal  w/3-9×40 scope  SN D0026758

-EAA Russian Model IZH-445E-1C double-barrel 410  SN 0245663B

-Eagle Arms Model Eagle 15 AR15 556-223cal w/halographic site, one clip, and camo case  SN M21-01545

-Elite Arms AR15  Elite lower by Spikes Tactical, Spikes lower parts kit and buffer, CMC trigger, Mas defense custom-built upper, Yankee Hill quad rail, stainless, 223 Wylde 16″ barrel, tatical soft case, tatical sling, 3 mags, Bushnell 4/5-18x40mm scope  SN EAB 0129

-FA Loomis 12ga double-barrel w/hammers, 30″ barrels  SN 7519

-Fausti Field Hunter Traditions 12ga O/U w/8″ barrels, screw-in chokes, single-trigger  Made in Italy SN B17717

-French Letinne Model MLE1907 8mm w/stripper clip  SN 47617

-Henry Big Boy Golden Boy .357mag, new in the box  SN BB0074424M

-Henry Golden Boy .22 S/L/LR w/octagon barrel  SN GB260308

-Henry .22 S/L/LR w/big loop SN C055183H

-Henry .17 HMR w/octagon barrel  SN T020746V

-High Standard Supermatic Field Model C-102 12ga w/28″ barrel  SN-none

-H & R 12ga Topper Model w/28″ barrel, single-shot  SN BB470502

-HW Crfighton Custom K98 .270win w/3-9×40 Bushnell scope  SN 3399

-Ithaca Century Trap 12ga w/2 3/4″ chamber only, 32″ vented barrel (Made by SKB for Ithaca)  SN S8807275

-Kimber 1911 .45 compact stainless w/3 mags in hard case  SN KC09491

-LC Smith 12ga double-barrel w/hammers, 27″ barrels by Hunter Arms Co Markes, Fulton, NY  (crack in stock) SN 136989F

-Mosin Negant M91/30 .762×54, has bayonet, cleaning kit, ammo pouch, and tools  SN REM020658

-Mosin Negant Model 91/30 7.62×54 w/bayonet SN 123357

-Mossberg Model 500 12ga pump w/2 3/4″ or 3″ chamber w/28″ barrel, accu-choke, hard case  SN U026928

-Mossberg Model 715T AR22 w/1 clip and speed loader  SN EMD3720054

-New England Firearms Pardner Handi Rifle single-shot .223 w/Tasco Scope  SN NR346704

-North American Arms .22mag 5 shot  SN W69895

-North American Arms .22mag stainless w/1 1/8″ barrel w/soft case  SN W58969

-Remington 870 Wingmaster 12ga w/28″ barrel SN V254108V

-Remington Sportsman Model 58 20ga  Sn 276555X

-Remington Wingmaster Model 870TB 12ga w/30″ barrel and 2 3/4″ or shorter chamber  (wrong box)  SN S986676V

-Remington 870 Wingmaster 20ga w/2 3/4″ chamber w/26″ barrel  SN S828162X

-Remington 870 Wingmaster 20ga magnum, modified choke w/8″ barrel  SN T719165N

-Remington 870 Wingmaster 12ga w/28″ barrel w/rib, modified choke  SN V830798V

-Remington 870 Magnum Wingmaster 12ga w/30″ barrel, full choke SN W154468M

-Remington 1100 12ga w/28″ vent rib barrel, 2 3/4″ chamber modified choke SN N183873V

-Remington 1100 12ga w/30″ vent rib barrel, 2 3/4″ chamber full choke and Bell & Carlson camo stock SN N879877V

-Remington 1100 20ga w/30″ barrel, full choke, 2 3/4″ chamber SN M289142V

-Remington Sportsman Model 48B 16ga, semi-auto  SN 3548598

-Remington 870 Magnum 12ga w/20″ barrel, rifle sights, 3″ chamber  SN W477510M

-Rock Island 45cal ACP automatic  RIA 1679821  SN M1911A1

-Rossi 270 Win., break open, Pentax Game Seeker II 3-9×40 scope  SN CP007826

-Rossi Model R92 .44mag lever-action, like new in the box  SN M183578

-Ruger M77 MarkII .243 w/rings  SN 785-79740

-Ruger America .243 w/Tasco 3-9×50 scope  SN 690-27251

-Ruger Super Redhawk 44mag 99% or better w/scope rings, appears unfired SN 552-37507

-Ruger 22cal LR auto pistol, 4 extra magazines  SN 63453

-Ruger Blackhawk 44mag w/conversion kit SN 857

-Savage Model 775 semi-auto  SN 758558

-Savage Model 24 .22/410 Over/Under Series M SN B031736

-Savage Model 12 Heavy-Fluted stainless .223cal w/laminated thumb hole stock and original stock, Tasco 6-24×42 Varmit scope  SN G046810

-Savage Model 116 stainless 6.5×284 Norma, Vortec 4-16×50 Cross-Fire II scope  SN J238727

-Savage Model 340 30-03 Bolt-Action w/detachable magazine No SN

-Savage Model 10 Predator .243cal  snow camo and matching Simmon 4-12×40 scope SN G795103

-Sears Model 101.5350-D 20ga w/24″ barrel, bolt-action  SN none

-Sig Sauer Model P226 Tribal 9mm w/night sights, 2 mags  Like New in the Box  Sn 47A104780

-S & W Model 38/44 38 Special w/6 1/2″ barrel , wrong box  SN 44682

-S & W Model 915 9mm  SN VKM4621

-S & W Model 469 9mm  SN TAF9549

-S & W Model 57 41mag w/4″ barrel, blue finish (New in the box-sealed) w/display case SN N648933

-S & W Model 57 41mag w/8 3/8″ barrel, blue finish (New in the Box-Sealed) w/display case SN N745964

-S & W Model 57 41mag w/6″ barrel, blue finish (New in the Box-Sealed) in display case  SN 607154

-S & W Model 25-5 45 Colt w/8 3/8″ barrel, blue finish (New in the Box)  SN 676717

-S & W Model 60 .38cal w/2″ barrel stainless  SN R291288

-S & W Model 27-2 .357 w/5″ barrel, blue finish (New in the Box) SN N608369

-S & W Model 41 22cal w/7″ barrel, blue finish (New in the Box)  SN A538189

S & W Model 10-7 38cal w/2″ barrel, blue finish (New in the Box)  SN 6D25852

S & W Model 37 38cal air weight w/2″ barrel, blue finish (New in the Box)  SN J564928

S & W Model 15-4 38cal w/2″ barrel, blue finish (New in the Box)  SN 89K7169

S & W Model 39-2 9mm w/4″ barrel, blue finish   SN A189398

S & W Model 36 38cal w/2 1/2″ barrel, blue finish (Not in Original Box)  SN J225303

S & W Model 18-4 22cal LR w/4″ barrel, blue finish    SN 29K5290

S & W Model 686 357cal w/6″ barrel, stainless steel  SN AAC6398

S & W Model 67 38cal Combat Masterpiece w/4″ barrel, stainless steel  SN 5K2892

-S & W Model 66-1 357cal w/6″ barrel, stainless steel (New in the Box)  SN 64K5888

S & W Model 1000P 12ga modified w/3″ chamber, vented barrel, never shot in original box SN FB5866

-S & W Model 780G .22cal CO2 pistol includes starter kit, cartridges and pellets  SN G615556

-S & W 22A-1 Target .22LR  SN UCR4985

-S & W US Army Model 1917 DA.45  SN 153 197

-S & W Model 1000 20ga w/2 3/4″ chamber and 26″ barrel, improved cyclinder choke  SN FB24888

-S & W Model 64 .38cal w/4″ barrel, stainless  SN D553969

-S & W Model 586 .357cal w/4″ barrel, blue (New in the Box) SN AAA6379

-S & W Model 31-1 .32cal w/2″ barrel, stainess SN R291288

-Springfield M1 Garand 1955 w/a 1956 dated Springfield barrel w/muzzle reading of 1+ and throat reading of 2+ and GI post war stock  SN 5977636

-Stoger Uplander 12ga double-barrel w/3″ chamber and 26″ barrels  SN 343366

-T. Barker 12ga double barrel, 30″ barrels  SN-NA

-Ted Williams Model 200 12ga w/28″ barrel, made by Sears and Roebuck  SN P158589

-Walther Model PPK/S .380cal (9mm kurz) blue,  SN 158402

-Winchester Centennial Model 66 30/30 (New in the Box)           SN 85407

-Winchester Model 12 12ga w/30″ barrel, full choke  SN 1442711

-Winchester Model 12 12ga w/27″ barrrel w/cutts compensator, full choke  SN 639166

-Winchester SXP Trap 12ga w/30″ barrel, screw-in chokes  (New in the Box)  SN 12AZR31773

-Winchester Model 03 Take Down .22cal automatic-made in 1922  SN 107031

-Winchester Model 12 Skeet w/26″ barrel  SN 1166342


Other Items

-Buffalo Better-Built brass fire extinguisher

-Waterbury Clockworks pendulum clock w/weights, no key, not sure if operational, country scene on door front

-Cowden Company, Harrisburg, Pa 3 gallon crock jug (some nicks, no cracks)

-Wooden Viewfinder

-Pair of kerosene lamps-one red, one green w/vine design on base

-Hanging kerosene electrified lamp w/rose and flower pattern and crystal prisms


Knives-Handmade by a local artisan-Bodock, Damask, deer antler, railroad spike tomahawk



-1993 Chevy 3500 4×4 w/454 engine, manual transmission, crew cab, less than 100,000 miles, one owner

-18′ car hauler trailer







Cash, check, or credit cards day of sale.  Credit cards will be charged a 3% convenience fee.  All out of state buyers will have guns shipped to a licensed FFL.

From I-65N Exit 117 right on Hwy 52 approx. 12 miles to sale site on left.

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Wally Gilliam Realty & Auction

PO Box 7926 Portland, TN 37148

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