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Begins: 03/14/20 at 8:30 AM CDT
Location: google pin icon 500 White Road, Portland, TN 37148

NOTEAll gun purchases will require a background check unless you are a licensed FFL dealer.  All guns will need to be picked up from the FFL dealer and all of state buyers must have their guns shipped to a licensed FFL dealer.  


PROXIBID ORDER (items will be added daily)


1-Savage Model 6A, 22 S/L/LR SN-na 

2-Winchester Model 290, 22 S/L/LR, Leather Sling, Universal 4×15 Scope SN-369644 

3-Winchester Model 63, 22 LR, Super Speed and Super-X  SN-118984 

4-Mossberg Model 800A, 308 Bushnell Custom 3x9x38 Scope, Leather Sling SN-20246 

5-Ruger M77, 22-250, Heavy Barrel, Bushnell 3x9x40 Scope, Leather Sling SN 74-84125 

6-Star Model 31P, 40cal, 2 Mags, Original Box SN-1936665 

7-Glock Model 36 Gen 3, 45cal, Night Sites, 2 Mags, Original Box SN-DUN172US 

8-Browning Model BDA-380, (9 short), 2 Mags, Original Box  SN-425MM41189

 9-S & W Model 459, 9mm, 3 Mags, Original Box  SN-A755257 

10-Glock Model 22 Gen 2, 40cal, 3 Mags, Original Box  SN -BHE115US 

11-Stevens Model 22-410, 22LR, 3” Chamber, 24” Barrel SN-na 

12-P. Beretta Model 686 ONYX, 20ga, 3” Chamber, 26” Barrel, Single Trigger, Screw-In Choke, Made in Italy, Original Box  SN-N82564B 

13-JC Higgins Model 101.7, 410, 3” Chamber, 26” Barrel SN-5100 

14-Browning Model A5 Twenty, 20ga, 2 ¾” Chamber, 26” Barrel, Made in Belgium  SN-48329 

15-Remington Model 11-48, 410, 3” Chamber, 26” Skeet Barrel SN-4125014 

16-Winchester Model 1903, 22cal, Automatic SN-57924 

17-Browning Medallion, 270 Win, Tasco Titan 3x12x52 Scope  SN-05291NX217 

18-Browning BLR, 308, Made in Belgium SN-40092K73 

19-Winchester Model 9422M XTR, 22 Mag SN-F567636 

20-Browning Model BL-22, 22 S/L/LR, Grade 2, Made in Japan SN-05148NT226


21-Benchmade Auto Triage Knife-9160SBK-N680  New in Box
22-Benchmade Auto Triage Knife-9170BK-ORG N680  New in Box
23-Benchmade Auto Stryker Knife-9101BK-154CM  New in Box
24-Benchmade Serum 5400 Knife-154cm  New in Box
25-Benchmade Ruckus II Knife-9600SBK  CPM-S30V   New in Box
26-Benchmade Auto Presidio II Knife-5700 CPM-S30V  New in Box
27-Benchmade Auto Rift Knife-9555SBK  154CM  New in Box
28-Benchmade AFO  II Knife-9051  154cm  New in Box
29-Benchmade AFO  II Knife-9052  154cm  New in Box
30-Benchmade Mini Stimulus Knife-3551BK  154cm  New in Box
31-Case Display Case w/8 Knives (Year 2000)
     #1—Case Whittler 6383 WHSS (293), 3 Blade w/Box
     #2—Case Baby Butterbean 62132SSPW (284), 2 Blade w/Box
     #3—Case Peanut 6220SSPW (285), 2 Blade w/Box
     #4—Case Hobo 6254HBSSPW (287), 2 Blade w/Box
     #5—Case Mini Copperlock 61749LSSPW (281), 1 Blade w/Box
     #6—Case Stockman 6318SSPW (291), 3 Blade w/Box
     #7—Case Small Stockman 6333SSPW (292), 3 Blade w/Box
     #8—Case Copperhead 62109WSSPW (283), 2 Blade w/Box


32-Cattaruaugus Cutlery Company-Gunstock 62130ATS-34, 2004, 2 Blade w/Box


33-Case Stockman Pocket Knife-Tested Centennial (1889-1989), R6344SS w/Box


34-Case Pocket Knife-Gunstock, Centennial (1889-1989)  R6215SSPE3TE  w/Box


35-Case Knife-678-31/2SS w/Sheath


36-Case Lockback Mason Pocket Knife-61225LSS, 2011 w/Metal Box


37-Case Pocket Knife-1989, NKCA, Ser 4108,  ROG62070SS  w/Box


38-Case Trapper Pocket Knife-2011, 6254SS, 2 Blade w/Box


39-Remington Pen Pocket Knife-2 Blade, Pearl Handle w/Box


40-1999, 6254HBSS, w/Box

41-S & W Model 500, 500 S & W, Original Box, 4” Ported Barrel  SN -CXA1719 

42-High-Standard Supermatic Trophy Model 104, Wood Box, 8 ¼” Barrel and 5.5” Barrel  SN-1367715

 43-Browning Medalist 22LR, Target Model, Original Box, Made in Belgium  SN-38135T4 

44- Browning Medalist 22LR, Target Model, Original Box, Made in Belgium  SN-11726T69 

45-Ruger P94 9mm, 2 Mags, Original Box  SN 308-55984 

46-Glock 35 Gen 3, 40cal, Night Sites, 2 Mags, Original Box  SN-DBD123US 

47-Glock 30 Gen 3, 45cal, Night Sites, 2 Mags, Original Box  SN-DVP281US 

48-Ruger Super Redhawk 44mag, 9.5” Barrel, Leupold M8-2x Extender E.R. Scope, Shoulder Holster  SN 550-62942 

49-Colt Python 357mag, 8” Barrel, Holster SN-PY3749 

50-Excel Arms Model Accelerator mp-22 22mag, 2 Mags  SN PA-04242 

51-Remington 11-48 (not marked), 410, 3” Chamber, 26” Barrel, Full Choke SN-4126766 

52-Winchester Model 9422M, 22mag, Yellow Boy Traditional, Original Box  SN-F756842 

53-Winchester Model 1400, 20ga, 2 ¾” Chamber, 28” Barrel, Modified Choke   SN-18221 

54-Stevens Model 240, 410 O/U, 3” Chamber, 26” Barrels SN-na 

55-Benelli Super Black Eagle 12ga, Advantage Timber, 3.5” Chamber, 28” Barrel, 5 Screw-In Chokes, Hard Case and Box  SN-U199619 

56-Benelli Super Black Eagle 12ga, X-Brown, 3.5” Chamber, 24” Barrel, 5 Screw-In Chokes, Original Box  SN-U146082 

57-Browning Sweet Sixteen 16ga, 2.75” Chamber, 26” Barrel, Made in Belgium SN-65340        

58-Ruger Air Hawk 177, 4×32 Scope SN-00188448 

59-Browning A5 16ga, 2.75” Chamber, 26” Barrel, Made in Belgium SN-19023 

60-Taurus Judge 45LC/410ga, 3” Barrel w/Holster  SN-CS811610 

61-Zippo Lighter-Ford 801
62-Zippo Lighter-Ford  8N
63-Zippo Lighter-RCA Missile Test Project
64-Zippo Lighter-Anheuser Busch 150th Anniversary (1852-2002)   2505/5000
65-Zippo Lighter-BlackJack in Tin Case
66-Zippo Lighter-Full House in Tin Case
67-Zippo Lighter-Craps in Metal Case
68 Zippo Lighter-Craps in Metal Case
69-Zippo Lighter-Vietnam 1965-1972 Gift Set in Box
70-Zippo Lighter-Corvette 50th Anniversary Box, 33/500
71-Zippo Lighter-65th Anniversary 1932-1997 in Box
72 Zippo Lighter-65th Anniversary 1932-1997 Lady Barbara in Box
73-Zippo Lighter-Our Century in Box
74-Zippo Lighter-Screw the Rules in Box
75-Zippo Lighter-Wright Brothers in Box
76-Zippo Lighter-Weave Me Alone in Box
77-Zippo Lighter-Ford 801
78-Zippo Lighter-Ford 8N
79-Zippo Lighter-Olympic Games Collection Atlanta 1996, 7
Knives in Set, 415/10,000
80-Zippo Lighter-D-Day 50 Years 1944-1994 in Box

81-Colt Trooper Mark III 22 LR, 6” Barrel, Zip Up Case SN-Y27924 

82-S & W Model 17-4, 22 LR, 6” Barrel, Original Box  SN-99K3607 

83-Ruger New Model Single-6 22cal, 22LR and 22 mag Cylinders, 6.5” Barrel, Original Box  SN 261-71178 

84-Glock 29, Gen 3, 10mm, Night Sites, 2 Mags, Original Box  SN-DSS981US 

85-Ruger Model P91DC, 40cal, 2 Mags, Original Box  SN 340-16894 

86-Browning Take Down 22LR, Made in Belgium, Rear Wheel Site SN-37929 

87-Winchester Model 9422M, 22mag  SN-F8142 

88-Winchester Model 9422, .22 S/L/LR, High Grade, Engraved with Coon Dog and Raccoon  SN-F688215 

89- Browning Take Down 22LR, Made in Belgium, Rear Wheel Site SN-na 

90-Winchester Model 9422 XTR Classic, 22 S/L/LR SN-F558930 

91-Browning BDA-380 (9 short), Original Box  SN-424PZ12657 

92-Beretta U22 NEOS 22LR, Original Box  SN-T60260 

93-Taurus Model PT101AFS, 40cal, 3 Mags, Zip Up Case  SN-SOB44640 

94-Taurus Model PT58SS, 380, 2 Mags, Original Box  SN-KOB40364 

95-S & W Model 659, 9mm, 2 Mags, Original Box  SN-A802653 

96-Walther Model P38, 9mm, 2 Mags, Zip Up Case  SN-6302 

97-Walther Model PPK/S, 9mm Kruz/380 ACP, 2 Mags Original Box  SN-S143735 

98-Kel-Tec Model PMR-30, Green, 22 mag, 2 Mags, Original Case  SN-WW7F86 

99-Taurus Model PT92AFS, 9mm, 2 Mags, Original Box  SN-TOE87058 

100-Kel-Tec Model PMR-30, Brown, 22 mag, 3 Mags, Original Case  SN-WW4Z05


100-Benchmark Stimulus Knife-Model 3551, 154cm, Box
101-Benchmark Stimulus Knife-Model 3551, 154cm, Box
102-Benchmade CLA Knife-4300-1, 154 cm, Box
103-Benchmade CLA Knife-4300-S, 154cm, Box
104-Benchmade CLA Knife-4300SBK, 154cm, Box
105-Benchmade Phaeton Knife-4600DLC-1, CPM-S30V w/Box
106-Benchmade Phaeton Knife-4600DLC-1, CPM-S30V w/Box
107-Benchmade CLA Knife-4300-1, 154cm w/Box
108-Benchmade Casbah Knife-4400BK, CPM-S30V w/Box
109-Benchmade AFO II Knife-4300-1, 154cm w/Box
110-Benchmade Auto Triage Knife-4300, 154cm w/Box
111-Benchmade CLA Knife-4300SBK, 154cm w/Box
112-Benchmade CLA Knife-4300BK, 154cm w/Box
113-Benchmade Casbah Knife-4400-1, CPM-S30V w/Box
114-Benchmade Casbah Knife-4400SBK, CPM-S30V w/Box
115-Benchmade Casbah Knife-4400-1, CPM-S30V w/Box
116-Benchmade Casbah Knife-4400BK, CPM-S30V w/Box
117-Benchmade Casbah Knife-4400SBK, CPM-S30V w/Box
118-Benchmade Casbah Knife-4400-1, CPM-S30V w/Box
119-Benchmade Mini Reflex II Knife-154cm w/Box
120-Benchmade Coalition Knife-9750, CPM-S30V w/Box
121-North American Arms-22mag, Zip-Up Case SN-W31111
122-Ruger Pistol-22cal, Auto, 3 Mags, Case  SN 13-71016
123-S & W Model 66-357 mag, 4″ Barrel, Case  SN-09K53136
124-Ruger Red Hawk-44 mag, 5.5″ Barrel, Case  SN 502-41969
125-S & W Model 686-357 mag, 4″ Barrel, Case SN-ADF-3419
126-Colt King Cobra-357 mag, 4″ Barrel, Case  SN EK9-497
127-High Standard Supermatic Trophy-22 LR, 7″ Barrel, 4
Mags, Case   SN-ML3-9349
128-Ruger Mark IV-22 LR, Competition, 100 Year 1916-2016,
Knife, 2 Mags SN-WBR100-0453
129-Liberty Arms Corp Western Derringer-38 Special, Case
130-Ruger Mark IV Hunter-22 LR, 2 Mags, Box  SN-WBR109320
131-High Standard Derringer-22 mag, Case  SN-D89965
132-Sig Sauer Model P320-357 Sig, Night Site/Laser, 2 Mags, Original Box  SN-58A016165
133-Kel-Tec Model PMR-30-22 mag, 2 Mags, Box SN-WW8577
134-Sig Sauer P226-9mm, Night Sight, 3 Mags, Box  SN-47C04327C
135-FNX-45-45cal, Laser, 3 Mags, Box  SN-FX3U010960
136-Ruger SR22-22 LR, 2 Mags, Laser, Box  SN 364-76787
137-Browning Nomad-22-LR, 3 Mags, w/Case, Made in Belgium, 7″ Barrel  SN-23947P9
138-Browning Nomad-22 L/R, 3 Mags, w/Case, Made in Belgium, 4.5″ Barrel   SN-25786P70
139-S & W Model 622-22 L/R, 4 Mags, w/Case  SN-TZA1666
140-S & W Model 422-22 L/R, 4 Mags, w/Case  SN-TBT7338
141-Henry Model H001M-22 mag, 3-9×32 Simmons Scope,
Original Box  SN-M036238H
142-Henry Model H001V-17HMR, Original Box  SN-V042785H
143-Bushmaster Model XM15-E2S-AR15-.223/5.56, a 20 and 30 round mags, Case   SN-L303822
144-CZ Model 452-17HRM, 3-9×44 Bec Goldlabel Scope, Original Box   SN-831184
145-Weatherby Mark V-300 Weatherby mag, 3×9 Redfield Scope, Weatherby Case, Leather Sling  SN-HG1309
146-Henry Model H003T-22 S/L/LR, Original Box   SN-P24515T
147-Winchester Model 24-12 ga, 2 3/4″ Chamber, 28″ Barrel  SN-100968


148-Marlin Model 39A-22 S/L/LR, Weaver 27-2.5×7 Scope   SN-J5085


149-Stevens Model 311 Series H-410, 26″ Barrel SN-E525408


150-Browning A5 Light 12-12 ga, 26″ Barrel, Made in Belgium SN-50195


151-Remington Model 552 Speedmaster-22, S/L/LR, Tasco 4×32 Scope SN-A1866046


152-Fabrigue Nationale Darmes De Querre Herstal Belgique-12 ga, Made in Belgium, Browning Arms Company


153-Kel-Tec Sub-2000-40 cal, Glock Mag, Original Box SN-F1378


154-Kel-Tec CMR-30-22 mag, Original Box SN-YlJ55


155-Kel-Tec KSG-12 ga, 3″ Chamber, Original Box  SN-XX0417



ZIPPO LIGHTERS-Chevy Thunder XlV, Xlll, XlV, Zippo Grated Steel XV, Wings Red Flame XlV, Jack Daniels #7 XlV, Brass Jack Daniels Tennessee Whisky XV, Jack Daniels All Goods Worth Price Charged XlV, Red Bud Ice, Silver Black Bump XV, Brass factory XV, Black zippo pipe Xll, solid brass pipe Xlll, blue US Air Force XlV, Brass Rose XV, Brass Lucky Strike Luckies XV, Camel 1996 Xlll, Black engraved XlV, black American by Birth Southern by God’s Grace XlV, SS Colt pistol XV, 49ers helmet XlV, Cincinnati Reds baseball XlV, Cowboys helmet XlV, lll OLYMPIAD 1904, lll WINTER GAMES 1932, X OLYMPIAD 1932, XXVl Atlanta 1996, Vlll Winter 1960, Xlll Winter 1980, XXlll LA 1984, Poker XV, Don’t Pass Bar dice XlV, Game XlV, Champagne Xll, Slot 25 cent XlV & XV, Cards XlV, Ring Phone XlV, Carpe Diem pyramid XlV, Harley Davidson XV, Elephant Xll, Hawk XlV, Engraved XlV, 3 STAR Made in USA XlV, Eagle flying XlV, The World Famous Guarantee XlV, SS Buffalo nickel XlV, Game XlV, Martini Xlll, Poker XV, 25 cent gamble XlV, D-Day 50 yrs 1944-1994 limited (round tin), Lady Barbara 65th Anniversary 1997 limited table 2 pieces box, GM Corvette 50th Anniversary black wood box, Wright Brothers 100 yrs celebration box, Vietnam wall gift set 2 black lighters, Zippo blu butane SS mesmerized black box, Our Century 1901-2000 tin, lighter & key ring 1998 limited ed 1947 Chrysler tin, 1995 limited ed 4 lighters Mysteries of the Forest metal can, limited ed 65th Anniversary 1997 red can, hand lite table brass, Anheuser Busch 150 Anniversary 1852-2002 limited ed 2505/5000 tin, Screw the Rules, Craps tin, The Wright Brothers tin, babes in chair special ed, Wright Brothers 100 yrs of aviation, Sportsman plug-lite Tampa tin, black Air Force Wings, blackjack in tin, full house in tin, and more.

CASE KNIVESCase Congress, Case Hobo bone stag green tin box fork, spoon cigarette lighter, Case Trapper (new in box), Case 3-blade pitted rusty 3 1/2″ blade, Case razor edge 2-blade cigar knife tobacco 4″, Case 3 1/2″, rusty 3 blade 4 1/2″ blade (broken), Case Heroes mini trapper red tin, Masonic Case lock blue tin, Case Tuxedo antique tin (new), Case Congress Crimson, Case Ray Bose signed sway blackjack hunter green, Case Stockman carib blue, Case Happy Holiday green knife & ornament (new, tin case), Case XX 3 1/2″ blade hunting w/leather belt pouch (new), Case sharpener diamond, 1983 Case NKCA 1 OF 6000 #1240 5 1/2″ (new in plastic bag), 1989 Case NKCA #4108 2 blade 4″ (in case box), Case limited baby butter bean green apple 2 blade 2 3/4″, Case navy blue 1 blade, fork pocket knife 4 1/4″, Case trapper black 2 blade 4″ Shepard of the Hills, Case shark tooth 1 blade 5″,  Case 6254 2 blade 4″ 4 dot, Case XX razor edge 6254 2 blade 4″ Trapper amber, Case 6347 3 blade For Flesh Only 4″, Case 6347 3 blade 4″ SS, 1979 Case XX 6467 1 blade 4 1/4″, Case XX 5254 2 blade 4″, Case 6488 4 blade 4 1/4″, Case 6347 HP 3 blade 4″, Case 6405 4 blade 3 1/2″, Case 6405 4 blade 3 1/2″ bone, Case bone white 2 blade 4″ 1905-1985, Case white bone 4″ 2 blade John Wayne (new in box), Case white bone 3 blade 3 1/2″, Case mother of pearl white 2 blade 2 1/2″ peanut, Case 6332 brown 3 blade 3 1/2″, Case 9335 mother of pearl white 3 blade 2 1/2″ peanut, Case red 2 blade 3″, Case mother of pearl 2 blade 3 3/4″ pitted, Case 8201 mother of pearl 2 blade 3/4″ peanut (new, no box), 1990 Case Museum Series, 1 of 1500 1 blade 5 1/2″ brown, 1985 Case 2 blade tobacco knife 5 1/4″ red cloth, 1984 Case 1 blade 4″ red cloth, 1986 Case 5th Anniversary National Knife Museum 3 blade 4 1/4″ bone, Case white bone 4 blade 3 1/2″, Case 2 blade engraved Indian canoe 3 1/2″ (black leather belt case), Case 6488 4 blade 4″ brown handle, Case 6249 2 blade 4″ brown handle, Case 6214 2 blade 3 1/2″ brown handle, Case 6360 3 blade 3 3/4″ brown, Case 64052 4 blade 3 1/2″ brown, Case 6508 3 blade 3 1/4″ caramel, Case M270 2 blade smooth stainless steel case 3″, Case black handle 3 blade no numbers pitted 3 3/4″ (used), Case 06244 brown 2 blade 3 1/4″, Case 640045 black 4 blade 3 3/4″, Case 64052 4 blade 3 1/2″ brown, Case 64052 4 blade 3 1/2″ brown, Case 6308 3 blade 3 1/3″ brown, Case 2793 national knife 1985 tobacco 2 blade 4 1/2″, Case White Office knife 2 blade 3 3/4″, 1982 Frank Buster Fighting Rooster 1 of 500 Founders 3 blade 3 3/4″, Case mini-trapper 2 blade 3 1/4″, Case 3 blade 3 1/2″ brown, Case 5149 bone 1 blade 4″, Case bone 3 blade 3 1/2″, Case 6292 2 blade 4″ brown, Case 2 blade 3 1/4″ brown, Case 6214 2 blade 3 1/2″, 1987 Case 0959 1 of 7000 3 1/2″ black smoke handle, Boulder, Colorado 3 blade 3 1/4″ light brown smooth handle, Case 2-blade brown 3″, Case appaloosa 2 blade 2 3/4″ light brown bone smooth, Case 2 blade brown 3″, Case 2 blade light brown smooth 3 1/4″, Case hunter amber box (never opened), Case Trapper amber 2 blade 4″ stag black case (new), Case/Zippo commemorative wooden box knife 2 blade Zippo stag brown lighter limited edition (pocket worn), Case tin set hobo/lighter holder green tin (new), Case 2 stag brown 2 blade, Case 2 blade brown, Case green handle, Case Kentucky Bicentennial 1774-1974 single blade, Case Cigar Whittler limited, Case white bone 4 blade blue metal tin, Case Boy Scout, Case Jr. Scout navy blue 4 blade brown green square box, Case Boy Scout Hobo antique, Case changer 1 blade leather pouch 3 extra blades Outfitters guides Ass lock knife, Case Carhartts molasses bone mini copper lock, Case Jack knife 2 blade, Case buffalo 1 blade in wooden box, Case limited edition coffin Jack antique T Bose signed, Case USA T. Bose 2 blade, Case Hobo tiny toothpick olive green, 2000 Case SS white bone 4″ tin case, Case 25th Anniversary 1972-1997 wooden box, Case My First Case 2 blade in tin, 1999 Case red 2 blade, Case Congress carrie blue (pocket worn), Case pen key ring 1 blade, 2000 Case Hobo fork knife natural, 2003 Case Congress green apple 4 blade, Case Centennial 1889-1989 3 blade red, 2000 Case copper lock natural bone, 2000 Case autumn peach seed, 2002 Case Hobo amber fork knife, 2003 Case bar tenders green apple, 2000 Case rosewood, 2000 Case JGD Russlock orange/red, 2000 Case natural, 2004 Case Whittler antique, 2006 Case gunstock, Case 4 blade blue, Case 4 blade red, Case hobo fork knife in tin, 2000 Case 4 blade stag, 2000 Case CVM 2 blade white bone, Cattaraugus wooden triangle case red box, Case Ruger collectible, Case Congress walnut tin, 1996  AG Russell premium scout 4 blade, Case baby butter bean harvest orange, fishing knife yellow, 2000 Case natural bone in glass case (8), Case white bone 4 blade 3 1/2″ (new in box), 1994 Case NKCA 1 of 2050 2 blade 4 1/4″ light brown stag (new in box), Case Johnny Cash baby butter bean natural in tin case, Case gunstock mammoth ivory, Case fishing knife natural, Case fishing knife natural, 1991 Case NKCA 1 of 1250 5 3/4″ blade w/leather belt pouch, Case Boy Scouts of American Hobo olive green.

KNIVES-Boker Magnum (new in box), Boker engraved metal 3″ 2 blade, Buck limited edition (new in box), Boker Treebrand classic 3 blade 3″ gray box, Boker 4 blade 3 1/2″ stag (new in box), Boker stag 4 blade 3 1/4″ (new in box), Rite Edge (new in box), Schrade in cigar box classic, Schrade SS 4 blade, 1982 NKCA Schrade 2 blade 4″, Schrade Old Timers 2 blade brown stag in box, Richland Sheffield England 1 blade 4 1/2″ brown, old brown 3 blade rusty knife, brown 2 blade real lamb foot made in Sheffield, white bone Goulds Barlow 2 blade 3 1/4″ Colonial Providence USA, 2009 Schrade tobacco knife hand-made limited edition cigar box, Schrade USA 1-blade 5″ w/leather belt pouch, Schrade Walden orange military switch blade 4″, AG Russell multi-tool w/cloth belt pouch, CRKT Columbia River Knife & Tool 8240, American Pocket Knives 2001 youth Titusville, PA queen steel Schatt & Morgan Co. 3 1/2″ (new in box), Frost cutlery 3 1/2″ (new in box), Frost Steel Warrior folding hunter (new in box),  Frost Conjunction Country skinner 8 1/2″ matte blade fiber handle, Frost Virginia City bowie 7 3/4″ Coco bolo handle heavy sheath, Frost Kentucky skinner, Frost Blue Ridge skinner, Frost Georgia skinner 9″ damascas blade, Frost hedge hog 10 1/4″ matte blade, Frost Skagway skinner 12″ blade, Frost Cutlery China Lonewolfe double-cut blade w/black pouch in box, Frost Woodsmen series 8″ clip point blade, 1995 NKCA youth knife 4″ Queen steel (new in box), 1996 NKCA youth knife 2 blade 3 1/2″ (not in new box), 1988 Camillus USA NKCA engraved 4 1/2″ 2 blade (new plastic bag) 1988 NKCA 4 1/2″ 2 blade, 1984 NKCA Bertram 4 1/4″, Solingen NKCA 3 blade 4″, black tobacco knife, Solingen 3 blade 3″ stainless steel brown protector, Solingen 4 blade 3″ stainless steel case (new), Solingen 6 blade 3″ stainless case, Solingen Hen & Rooster 6 blade 3″ SS case, Solingen Hen & Rooster 3 blade 3″ SS case, Solingen modene 6 blade 3″ (new), Solingen Hen & Rooster 3 blade 4″, Solingen Hen & Rooster 182 US 2 blade 4″, Solingen Hen & Rooster 2 blade 3 1/2″, 1990 Robi Klaas Solingen 1 of 5000 3 blade tobacco 4 3/4″, Solingen Copperhead Buck Creek mother of pearl white, Solingen premium quality hammer forged yellow 3 blade, 1993 Solingen Hen & Rooster 4 blade 4″ gold leaf tobacco Congress, Solingen TN/KY Knife Ciub 1 of 100 Frank Buster 3 blade (new), John Primble Congress bone 4 blade 4″ (new gold box), Camillus NKCA Remington 1972-1992 2 blade 3 1/2″, Fighting Rooster metal engraved handle 3 blade (not in box), Magnum tin metal (sealed box), California Gold Rush 3 blade signed, 200 Years of Freedom 3 blade, Westward Expansion bone 2 blade, Blazing the Trail 1784 3 blade, Manifest Destiny 2 blade stag brown, American Proclamation 2 blade black handle, Onto the Last Frontier 3 blade black handle, War to End All Wars 2 blade, Wild Wild West brown stag 2 blade, 303 Buck 3 blade black handle, Reelect Nixon/Agnew Colonial 2 blade mother of pearl white, MM Muella Spain Fury wood handle 12″ w/leather pouch, W China white bone engraved coyote handle embossed wood case in white box, HK Heckler Koch white bone eagle China, USA yellow/brown small 2 blade (rusty), Buck USA SS 2 blade, Axis Flipper, white bone 2 eagles wood case box, China 2 bears/fish, bears Heckler Koch 2 bears in wood box, HK Heckler Koch pack of wolves wood box, Victoria Swiss Director 3″ stainless steel, Victoria Swiss Executive 3″ stainless steel, Victoria Swiss army mid ire minicamp ruby 2 1/4″, Victoria 3 blade 3″ stainless steel case brown protector, Victoria Swiss Army Red 6 tool 3 1/2″, Victoria SS case 3 blade 3″, Victoria red companion in box, Victoria Swiss white 5 blade w/black leather pouch, Wengea of Switzerland the genuine Swiss army knife 2 1/2″ stainless steel in black case, puma-week Germany 2 blade 3 1/2″ brown, Remington 1972-1992 Camillus 2 blade 3 3/4″ 2464, 1998 Camillus NKCA 2 blade 5 1/2″, 2000 Queen steel NKCA 1 of 1609 3 3/4″ 2 blade, 1989 Portland Knife Club red stag 2 blade 4″ Germany, 1989 Portland Knife Club red stag Germany 2 blade 4″, 1989 Portland Knife Club red stag Germany 2 blade 4″, 1989 Portland Knife Club red stag 2 blade 4″ Gremany, Hen & Rooster National Knife Museum 10th Anniversary May 1981-1991 Germany 1 of 1500 1 blade 5″ (not in box new), 1995 Schileper Germany 2 blade 4″,  Keen Kutter 3 blade 3 1/2″ (used, rusty), 1997 S&W 2 blade 4 1/4″ 11/2″ wide red/brown handle (new in box), 1986 Gerber 1 of 6200 1 blade 3 1/2″ brown cloth, mini Vulcan Vladimir, Architect A-01, Vulcan Fl-01, Fatcat FC-01, Flashback Sat 001-CP box switchblade, Deutchland Erwacht brass case SS blades, Splizzors, blue cat, Rush cat, Vantage sm Pro S30v, cat 7836, Marbles fly fisherman 3 blades, ruler pick, Gentleman SS Swiss blade, scissors w/black leather pouch, Flip Grip tool pliers blades w/black pouch, Hen & Rooster 114 DS Green box leather case, white mother of pearl 2 blades w/black pouch, brown & tan smooth 2 blade pouch, Remington Viper Rimfire knife pack medium folding 5 boxes 22 viper bullets new plastic case, KA-BAR USMC fighting 2008 Keystone series Schatt & Morgan, Buck red handle scissors, Walter H Gilliam 1930 brush w/leather pouch, SS tool in black pouch, CW-2115 GW medium Pakinstan Airborne Ranger 10 3/4″ greenwood handle brass guard (leather stealth box), CW-108CSC 7 1/2″ skinny knife 440 chestnut saw cut bone handle Pakistan, CW-245 ASC Pakistan 8 1/4″ autumn second cut bone handle embossed brass bolster (leather belt), white bone engraved handle elk picture made in China, 1996 Winchester 1 of 1675 3 blade 4 1/2″ bone, Schileper 1 of 1550 3 blade white box,  Hen & Rooster 2 blade 2 1/2″ peanut smooth body, S&W SW-970 leather belt sheath, SW-630 leather belt sheath, SW-650 leather belt sheath, SW-980 leather belt sheath (rare), (Case Box) 07168 signed box, 07191 signed box, 01305 boxed, 0136 chestnut BN boxed, 08046 Boy Scout knife, The Hobo Outdoor Diner, Bertram Hen & Rooster 1 blade 3 1/2″ town moth handle 1″ wide, Puma Germany NKCA youth knife 1 of 700, knife file in brown leather belt case, 1996 Schileper NKCA 1 of 1550 2 blade 3 1/2″ stag, 1999 Case NKCA 2 blade 4 3/4″ red, S&W first production run 4″ blade black rubber handle in black leather belt pouch, S&W 6 1/4″ blade black handle w/black leather belt pouch, S&W 6 1/4″ blade black handle w/leather belt pouch, S&W first production run 3 1/2″ blade Design by Stewart Taylor, Winchester 4 blade 3 1/2″ antique green bone, Rostere 3 1/4″ blade switch action 4 1/2″ handle w/black pouch, Hen & Rooster 3 blade 3″ bone (new in box), 1990 Hen & Rooster NKCA 1 of 1500 4 3/4″ blade w/brown leather belt, 1993 Bear MGC NKCA 3 3/4″ blade w/brown leather belt pouch, 1992 Bear MGC NKCA 2 3/4″ blade w/brown leather pouch belt, 1994 Bear MGC 6 1/2″ hunter NKCA w/leather pouch (new in box), and more. 

 BENCHMADE KNIVES-Impel, Auto Presidido ll, Siben Auto Adamas, Coalition, Mini Reflex ll, Mini Reflex, Casbak, Casbak 4400-1, Lerch Impel Auto 3510, CLA 4300BK, CLA 4300, CLA 4300 S, CLA 4300SBK, CLA 4300-1B, Auto Rift 9555 SBK, Ruckus ll 9600 BK, Serum Axis Dual Auction 5400, 60000 1013k HK MP5, DP (Heckler Koch), Pardue auto 3550, Phaeton 4600 lLC-1, Serum 5400, Barrage 580 blue box, Barrage 581 blue box, A296P (Parker Edwards), Osborne Emissary 470-1, Stimulus 3551, Mini Stimulus 3551 BK, AFO ll 9052, AFO ll 9051, 1000001 Volli Axa PE blue box, Houdini Pro 30200, carbine tip pen, Osborne Emissary 470-1, Arcane blue class blue box, Arcane 370-1 490s blue class, Auto Stryker 9101BK, Auto Triage 9160 sbk, 440C folding knife, Tactical Pro knife sharpener, Bugout gold class boxed munin damascus steel blade, CLA black class w/box, CLA black class w/box, CLA tactical auto open black class, Impel black class w/box, Auto Bedlam black class w/box, Casbah black class w/box, Stimulus black class w/box, Coalition black class w/box, Osborne blue class w/box, Pagan black class w/box, mini Reflex ll w/box, Infidel black class w/box, Auto Stryker black class, Freek (new), Serum,


GUNSBenelli ARMI system shotgun, Benelli Made in Italy 12ga Super Black Eagle SN-U146082PSF, Browning Light 12 special steel 12ga 2 3/4″ chamber SN-50195, Browning 16ga 2 3/4″ chamber gold trigger engraved Made in Belgium SN-65430, Browning 20ga Made in Beligum engraved 2 3/4″ chamber, Browning Medallion engraved bolt lever gold trigger SN-05291NX217, Browning Made in Belgium SN-40092K73, Browning BL22 gold trigger S/L Made in Japan 22 SN-05148NT226, Browning 22LR Made in Belgium takedown 22LR Wheelsight SN-37929, Browning 22LR Made in Belgium, Browning SN-19023, Browning 12ga SN-92489, Browning Medalist target model, Browning Buck Mark 22 LR blue 3 clips SN-655NT21564, Browning Nomad Model 22 LR 6 3/4″, Browning Nomad 22 LR 4 1/2″, Browning Model U22 Neos 22 LR SN-160260, Browning 22 LR gold finger trigger black display box SN-38135T4, Browning 22 LR  black display box SN-176T69,  Browning BDA 380 auto double action 425 MM41189 Italy gray box, Browning BDA 380 auto 425 PZ 12657 leather case box, Henry 22cal S/L/LR, Henry pump action 22 LR octagon barrel Model H003T.P24515T, Henry 22 Magnum lever-action Model H001M. M036238H, Henry 17cal Varmint, HMR double action lever SN-V042785H (box), Henry 17cal HMR Simons scope 3-9×32  22mag SN-M036238H, JF Higgens Model 1017 Sears & Robuck 3″ chamber 5100, Kel-Tec Sub-2000 SUB-2K40-GLK blued/green grip 15 round magazine SN-F1378 (box, new), Kel-Tec Rifle 22WMR Y1J55 CM R30 (new in box), Kel-Tec 12ga KSG XXOH17, Marlin Model 39A 22cal S/L/LR w/scope SN-5058, Mossburg 590 12ga SN-P833861, Remington Speedmaster Model 552 w/scope SN-1476912, Beretta Made in Italy 20ga 2 3/4″ 26 1/2 “engraved 686 onxy”, Remington Speedmaster Model 552  w/Tasco ominous view scope SN-A166146, Remington Model 11-48 40ga 3″ or shorter shell skeet SN-4125014, Remington 410 3″ or shorter SN-4126766, Ruger 177 Air Hawk w/scope model 2244005, Savage Model 64 22 S/L/LR automatic, Stevens 240 410 bore 8″ chamber, Stevens Savage Arms 410 SN-E52540B, Stevens Model 22-240 3″ chamber 22 LR, Winchester 228 L/LR model 8422XTR classic, Winchester 22 LR Model 9422mXTR-22 win mag thumb ext trig, Winchester 22 LR Model 9422 XTR-22 magnum, Winchester 22 LR Model 9422XTR-22 magnum, Winchester 22 LR magnum Model 9422, Winchester Model 9422XTR 22 S/L/LR engraved Hi grade, Winchester 22 S/L/LR Model 290 Made USA Japan scope, Winchester Model 9422 mag SN-4126766 Winchester gold plate, Winchester Model 1903 22 auto,Winchester Model 63 Super Speed 22 LR & Super x USA, Winchester Model 24 12g 2 3/4″ SN-100968, Winchester Model 1400 20ga 2 3/4″ SN-182221, White Line bolt action w/Bushell scope,  

Home Banner Derringer single-shot Iron, Beretta Model 20 25ga, Beretta Model 20 25cal BE07347V steel gray cloth case, Beretta U22 Neos 22 LR 6.0 10 round JU2S60B T60260, Colt civil war era 1871 revolver, Colt 45, Colt 31c SN-1967, Colt 45, Colt Trooper MK III22 LR blue stainless, Colt King Cobra 357 mag stainless SN-EK949, Colt Python CTG 57 mag long Barrel camp holster & belt, Excel Arms 22 mag Accelerator SN-PA 04242, FNX-45 auto Crimson trace laser 66962 45ACP (org box), Glock 17 9mm auto SN-DLE804, Glock 19 9mm AKK624 holster, Glock 22 40 S&W SN-BHE115 auto, Glock 29 10mm auto SN-DSS981, Glock 30 Austria 45 auto S/L/LR SN-DVP281US, Glock 35 Austria 40 cal auto SN-DBD123US, Glock 36 45 auto SN-HBP717, Glock 46 45 auto SN-DUN172, High Standard Model 104 22 LR Supermatic trophy military SN-1367715, High Standard 22 LR Supermatic Trophy 4 clips SN-ML39349, High Standard 22 Supermatic, High Standard 22 mag Derringer SN-D89965, High Standard 22 LR scope only, Kahr 380 Melinda, Kel-Tec PMR30 22WMR4.25” Patriot brown WW4Z05 box, Kel-Tec PMR-30 green 22WW7F86 w/box, Kel-Tec PMR30 22WMR W8577 blue/black grip 25th Anniversary, Liberty Arms Western Derringer revolver Made in Germany 38cal SN-14160, North American Arms 22 mag 5 shot Derringer (rare), Ruger 9mm, Ruger 38 Special+p LCR Liberty lock revolver Model 05401 SN-540-27741 (box), Ruger 44 mag stainless steel, Ruger P85 9mm SN 302-30650, Ruger P91DC 40 auto, Ruger P91DC 40 auto SN 340-16894, Ruger P94 9mm SN 308-55984, Ruger 380 auto SN 372-35880, Ruger 22LR Hunter Model Mark lV SN-WBR109320 (org box), Ruger 22LR Mark lV 40108 100 yrs 1 out of 1000 signature series with Ruger knife in box SN-WBR100-0453, Ruger 22 Model SR22 SN 364-76787 org box laser, Ruger 22cal New Model single-six 6 1/2″ barrel extra barrel SN 261-71178 (box)


Ruger 44mag Super Red Hawk 550-62942 Leupold scope, Ruger 44mag Red Hawk, Ruger 22 LR auto SN 13-71016, Star Interact 40 S&W Spain Model 31p SN-1936665 double action, S&W Model 422 22 LR CTG auto SN-T8T7338, S&W Model 622 22 LR CTG auto SN-TZA1666, S&W 22, S&W Ultra Lite 38 short, S&W Model 459 sn A755257 black semi-auto 3 clips brown case, S&W 9mm Model M659 SN-A802653, S&W 9mm Parabellum TZC7101 Model 6908, S&W 9mm Model 6906 SN-TZC7101, S&W 38 Special Model 10-5 revolver, S&W 38 2” barrel Model 337 titanium cylinder revolver SN-CEC0379, S&W 22LR Model 17-4 SN-99K3907, S&W 357 mag Model 66 SN-99K53136-11632, S&W 357 mag Model 686, S&W 380 Body Guard auto laser, S&W 380 Body Guard auto XXKBE0063 Model BG380 2 ¾ Barrel Laser, S&W 9mm Model 459 SN-A755257, S&W 22 Model 622 SN-TZA166, S&W 32 17445, S&W 357 revolver Highway Patrolman GSP, S&W 357 mag, S&W 500 magnum revolver SN-CXA1719 Model 500, Sig Sauer P226 MK-25 9mm auto NAVYSN 47C043270 9mmx19, Sig Sauer P230 9mm S148 372, Sig Sauer P229R 40 Elite AFU08085, Sig Sauer 22LR Mosquito 22-B Intron fixed laser SN-F276657, Sig Sauer P320 357 compact medium SN-58A016165 laser 320C-357-BSS, Sig Sauer P 365 9mm 365-9 BXR3 SN-66A09187 Intron black striker laser, Taurus 9 mm Model PT92AFS SN-TOE87058 org box, Taurus 9mm PT140 G2 40 Millennium G2 SIU62343 laser sight, Taurus 9mm Model PT92AFSSN- TOE87058 org box, Taurus 9mm Model PT101ASF SN-SOB44640, Taurus 40 cal PT101ASF 3 clips, Taurus PT 58SS 380ACP 4”barrel SN-KOB40364, Taurus PT92 AFS 9mm SN-TOE87058, Taurus Judge 45 mag CS811610 45LC/410GA P.38 6302, Walter 9mm Model P38 SN-6302, Walter 380 Model PPKS SN-S143735 9mm/380ACP









 Tags on Titan scope 3-12×52, BLR 308 only scope holders lever double action, 













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